Head's Photo, 6/20/2015

Campus Master Planning!

As a natural progression of our strategic planning process, we are embarking on the journey to develop a comprehensive campus master plan. To lead that process, we are working with a very capable team from two architectural firms - LSC Design, an architectural firm, and Mahan Rykiel Associates, a landscape architectural firm. This spring the team has been on campus interviewing students, teachers, staff, and various departments. They have gathered extensive data about spaces that work well, others that struggle, and ones that have potential. So far their insights into school spaces are revealing and often surprising.

The team returned this week to interview non-teaching employees as well as spend some time with the science department. They also briefed the board on their initial findings and questions raised. Needless to say, we are finding the entire process is most illuminating and we can't wait for their next visit.

Pictured here is Rob Kinsley '88, President of LSC, with our housekeeping employees.